The Korean Society of Criminology in America (KOSCA) is a non-profit, academic organization that pursues scholarly research and professional activities in Korea-related criminology and criminal justice areas. The main goal of the KOSCA is to bring together in one multi-disciplinary society of academics, researchers, policymakers, administrators, and practitioners who are actively engaged in Korea-related research, teaching, and practice. The mission of the KOSCA is to promote comparative research studies, publications, and professional activities in the field of Korea-related criminology and criminal justice. Membership is open to all ASC and ACJS members as well as Koreans and Korean Americans.


Call for Papers - Race & Justice

Korean Society of Criminology in America (KoSCA) calls for papers to address the current global issue in anti-Asian racism and violence.

Call for Papers - Policing: An International Journal

 This Special Issue will provide researchers and practitioners from around the globe an opportunity to identify and discuss these issues and propose practical policy solutions to them. This special issue will include the latest empirical studies on policing and Asian communities.

Upcoming Event

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Science and Evidenced-Based Policy in a Fractured Era

  • Venue: Palmer House Hilton 

  • Location: Chicago, IL

  • Date: 11/17/2021 – 11/20/2021

  • Chairs: Charlotte E Gill and Thomas Anthony Loughran IV

Upcoming Event