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KOSCA Research Report

Spatial Patterns of Hate Crime against Asian Americans:  Case Study of an Asian Populated City

The recent spike in hate crime against Asian Americans called for effective crime prevention activities with insightful understanding about this type of hate crime. However, where and what may be correlated with the patterns of hate crime again Asian Americans remains largely under-documented. Analyzing data from one of Asian population cities, this study aims to provide clear pictures of hate crime against Asian Americans, especially focusing on geospatial patterns. The descriptive maps display the concentration of hate crime against Asian Americans where more Asian-related businesses exist and more Asian individuals reside. The results of regression analysis also revealed the positive association of Asian proportion in census block groups with hate crime against Asian Americans while negative relationships of Asian proportion and White proportion with other types of hate crime.  

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Promoting Asians’ Willingness to Report Hate Crime Incidents to Police:  Does Procedural Justice and Social Identity Matter

Asians have overwhelmingly been the target of discrimination and social exclusion, which, given the negative connotations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, should be of concern to authorities since social exclusion discourages people’s willingness to report criminal incidents to police. Without the Asian community’s willingness to report hate crimes, law enforcement agencies will struggle to charge the offenders and prevent future incidents of hate crime. We believe that police can strive to promote a sense of social identity and willingness to report hate crimes among the Asian community. The current study aims to explore factors that will embolden their resolve in reporting hate crimes to the police. In addition, drawing on the Group Engagement Model, we explore whether social identity will mediate and/or moderate the effect of procedural justice on Asians’ willingness to report incidents of hate crime to police.

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