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Ph.D. Terence Thornberry

2018 ASC conference at Atlanta, GA

Title: Crime cross the Life Course: Findings from the Rochester Youth Development Study


Ph.D. Robert Sampson

2017 ASC conference at Philadelphia, PA

Title: New Directions in Life-Course Criminology


Ph.D. Richard Rosenfeld

2016 ASC conference at New Orleans, LA

Title: US Crime Trends and Inflation: 1960-2012

Larry Siegel.png

Ph.D. Larry Siegel

2015 ASC conference at Washington, D.C.

Title: Private Security and the Need For Academic/Practitioner Partnership”


Ph.D. Robert Agnew

2013 ASC conference at San Francisco, CA

Title: The Origin of Strains: Why Certain Events and Conditions are Disliked

Steven Messner.png

Ph.D. Steven Messner

2012 ASC conference at Atlanta, GA

Title: Social Institutions, Theory Development, and the Promise of Comparative Criminological Research


Ph.D. Ronald L. Akers

2010 ASC conference at Philadelphia, PA

Title: The Challenge of Cross-Cultural Testing of Theory in Criminology

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